How to Choose the Perfect 3D Laser Engraving Machine for Your Business!

In the past years, a great number of people have the idea of 3D laser engraving. The technology is getting more and more popular and the machine price is becoming more affordable. The 3D laser is an increasingly popular process in the metal finishing industry for precision, speed and quality. The future of laser marking is quite bright. The quality of laser marking machine is now at a very high level, with much advanced technology. Nowadays, a lot of manufacturers offer high quality 3D laser engraving machine with great design and high performance. These days, many customers have a lot of questions about which type of 3D laser machine to purchase.

In order to answer these questions, you need to find a professional and experienced supplier of the 3D laser.  Below, we provide a few useful tips on how to select a new 3D laser engraving machine.

How to select a new 3D laser engraving machine -What size can be selected for 3D laser engraving machine?

The standard type of a 3D laser machine has different sizes. Usually, the length is 30 inches to 55 inches. The width is 17 inches to 30 inches. The height is 12 inches to 28 inches. So the output for 3D laser marking is as high as 5 Km/h to 15 Km/h.

Are 3D laser marking machines are suitable for metal engraving?

Yes, most 3D laser marking machine is also suitable for metal engraving. Because of their good performance, these machines are widely used in the industry.

What type of 3D laser marking machine are suitable for 3D engraving?

There are two categories of the 3D laser marking machines. One is 3D laser engraver for engraving, the other is 3D laser printer for engraving. Generally, the 3D laser printer for engraving is more popular. The 3D laser engraver is more used in the world. These two 3D laser marking machines can provide you with the best output.

Is there a minimum amount of material required for 3D laser marking?

Generally, there are a lot of metal materials for 3D laser marking. But in fact, not every metal material is suitable for 3D laser engraving. We need to consider factors like color, temperature and size of the laser beam. That’s why a minimum amount of material is required for 3D laser marking. In general, a minimum amount is 15 to 20 sheets of aluminum.

What is the difference between 3D laser marking and laser cutting?

3D laser marking is like the technology of laser cutting. But the difference is that 3D laser marking is designed for surface marking and 3D laser cutting is designed for cutting materials. Laser cutting can do the same thing as laser marking, but laser cutting uses a smaller laser. The smaller laser has a better performance. But laser cutting can cut less material compared with 3D laser marking.

Is the 3D laser engraving suitable for large production?

It depends on the 3D laser engraving for engraver. Generally, a single laser has a limited size.  But for the large production, 3D laser engraver is more suitable.

What is the output of 3D laser engraver for small projects?

The output of 3D laser engraver is affected by a lot of factors. It is affected by the size of the 3D laser engraver, the material thickness, material width and other factors. So the output of 3D laser engraver for small projects is low. But the output is good enough for small projects.

How can I know the power of 3D laser engraver?

You can determine the power of the 3D laser engraver by using a power meter.

What is the laser power of 3D laser engraver?

A laser beam is the main factor of a 3D laser engraver. There are many types of lasers, such as Nd:YAG laser, 532 nm laser, and 527nm laser. The size of the laser beam is also related to the output power. Generally, the output power of 3D laser engraver is between 400W and 600W. And the diameter of the laser beam is about 3 mm to 5 mm.

Can I select a good 3D laser engraver according to the type of material?

In the past years, a lot of laser marking technology has developed. The performance of these high quality 3D laser marking machines have reached a very high level. According to the material thickness, thickness accuracy, thickness speed, price and other factors, you can select the suitable 3D laser engraver for your material.

Are 3D laser engraver have to be cleaned?

The surface of the 3D laser marking machine should be clean. The dirt and dust may affect the laser performance. So you should use a cleaning brush to clean the laser marking machine. You can also clean the laser marking machine in the air.

How to change a 3D laser marking machine?

To be a professional, you should have the knowledge of how to change the 3D laser marking machine. For example, you should know how to replace the laser head and the laser tube. Because the performance of these components are very important for the laser performance.

Are 3D laser engraver suitable for indoor use?

Generally, a lot of 3D laser engraver are not suitable for indoor use. Because the material may block the laser beam. But for some models of the 3D laser engraver, they are suitable for indoor use. 

What is the difference between a professional and an amateur?

It is very important to have the knowledge of 3D laser marking. It is because you can buy the 3D laser marking machine from professional manufacturers or from amateur manufacturers. We should buy the 3D laser engraving machine from professional manufacturers only

What is the price of 3D laser engraver?

The price of 3D laser marking machine is affected by many factors. The cost of materials is one factor. The cost of the 3D laser marking machine is also affected by the number of heads. If you need only one 3D laser marking machine, you should choose the single-head model. For many customers, it is recommended that you choose the two-head model.

Does 3D laser engraver have a warranty?

Some 3D laser engravers model have a warranty. Most of these 3D laser engravers have 1 year warranty.

What is the service life of 3D laser marking machine?

The service life of the 3D laser engraver depends on many factors. For example, the working conditions, the environmental temperature, the number of laser heads and the quality of the 3D laser engraver.

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